Protein Powders: My Favorites

We introduced Habit 2 this week and several of you have asked about my favorite protein powders. Based on my own personal experiences, there are several brands I really love. I have shared most of them below, and in the next day or two will also share some general tips and cautions when it comes to protein supplementation.

Favorite Brands:

  • ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder They’ve got a chocolate, vanilla, banana and mixed berry flavor. I love ALL of them. The vanilla is unique to other vanilla flavors as its got a cinnamon taste to it as well. They are usually priced around $30 (about 15 servings) but every so often they’ll go for a little less on Amazon, and that’s when I try to order. I like to have three or four of the flavors on hand so I can mix up my morning shake and don’t get bored of the flavor. Makes each one last a little longer too! They’ve got some other products and recipes on their website at
  • Thorne – This particular protein powder is NSF certified and comes from a great company. I really like both the chocolate and vanilla flavors. My husband prefers the chocolate. They’ve also got plant-based protein powders, but I haven’t tried them since I’ve got other brands I use for those. If you want to buy from a company that values high-end research, quality ingredients, and optimal sports performance, this would be a great fit. They’ve got several other products, as well as great articles on their website that would be worth checking out. The protein powder is also available on Amazon here. Cost is about $49 regardless of where you order from (about 30 servings).
  • Vegan Protein by Lifetime Fitness – This one is a little harder to order online, but it can be done, and it’s worth it. Anytime I go visit my family in Texas or my parents come and see me, I make sure at least one of the flavors makes it into a suitcase and back home with me! The delicious taste + incredible thickness and texture once blended up makes it one of our household favorites! Both the chocolate and the chocolate mint flavors are fabulous. Cost is about $45 servings (about 30 servings).
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – I don’t use this one on a daily basis, but you definitely could. I love having it on hand to mix into things like cookies, yogurt, a smoothie every now and then, etc. It adds some additional protein into whatever I’m eating plus the collagen has great benefits for hair, skin, and nails–and who couldn’t use a little more of that? They even have single serving on-the-go packets you can add into your water bottle.
  • Shakeology – Shakeology is unique because it’s not just a protein supplement, but rather a superfood formula meal replacement. I am not personally a Team Beachboy Coach anymore, but I would still fully endorse this product. I used this as my protein powder for many years in college and loved it. It’s on the more expensive end ($129 for 30 servings), but if you’re looking at it like an entire meal, it breaks down to $4.30 per day which is reasonable, especially when compared to a typical meal cost when eating out. Not to mention future costs you may avoid because of the many health benefits you will reap! Great ingredients, great product, and if you’d like to learn more I can put you in touch with a friend who will answer any and all of your questions about it.
  • Infinity Greens – This one is about as pure as it gets. Some may think the taste is a little bland but the quality and health benefits make up for it. They’ve got a great greens and Vitamin C supplement as well. They offer a vanilla and chocolate flavor and it’s about $45 for 19 servings, on the more expensive side as well, but again, super top-notch quality.

Whew! That was a lot, I know. Many of these protein powders have all the “works” — gluten free, GMO free, dairy free, organic, vegan, soy free, artificial sweetener free, etc. What I love most is regardless of whether or not they’re plant-based or whey, organic or non-organic, gluten free or not, etc. these are all brands I trust. They’re transparent, they use quality ingredients, they’re fairly priced, and they taste delicious.

If you’ve got any questions, let me know! And stay tuned for my “Protein Powder Do’s and Don’ts, which I should have up by the end of the weekend.


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