On-the-Go Quick Workout 2

We are on the road again, so I thought I’d share another one of my “take-anywhere, no equipment workouts” I use when traveling. Try it sometime this weekend for yourself! This one is about 25-30 minutes.


Circuit 1:
1) Lunge + Burpee
2) Power Knee
3) Plank Jack + Plank In/Out

Circuit 2:
1) 1-2-3 Hit the Floor
2) 4 High Knees/4 Switch Kicks
3) Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3:
1) Tuck Jump + Dive Push-up
2) Squat Scissor Jumps
3) Plank Ski Jumps

Timing and Sets:

Do each move for 45 seconds with a 10 second rest between each move. Repeat each circuit 3x before moving on to the next circuit.

Check out our Instagram page to see videos of each of the moves. You’ll be feeling this one by the time you’re done, that’s for sure!

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