Habit 3: Eat Vegetables w/Each Meal

What is it?  This is my favorite habit of all time!!! No joke. Habit #3 is to eat vegetables with each meal. I promise as you start to incorporate this habit, you will notice a difference! If my husband and I go more than a day or two without our normal amount of veggies, we canContinue reading “Habit 3: Eat Vegetables w/Each Meal”

Protein Powders: My Favorites

We introduced Habit 2 this week and several of you have asked about my favorite protein powders. Based on my own personal experiences, there are several brands I really love. I have shared most of them below, and in the next day or two will also share some general tips and cautions when it comesContinue reading “Protein Powders: My Favorites”

Habit 2: Protein Dense Foods w/Each Meal

Hip, hip hooray! It’s time for Habit #2, where we start to delve into the what of eating. Now, just because we are starting to talk about actual food does not mean habit #1 gets left in the dust to be forgotten about forever. As mentioned last week–slowing down your pace and listening to your hungerContinue reading “Habit 2: Protein Dense Foods w/Each Meal”

Habit 1: Eat Slowly & Stop at 80% Full

We all want to feel and look the very best we can! Proper nutrition + a healthy relationship with food is an important part of that journey, and the two go hand in hand. Over the next several weeks, I will be discussing five nutrition habits. I will refer to these as the “5 Habits”.Continue reading “Habit 1: Eat Slowly & Stop at 80% Full”