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Experience an exercise program catered to your needs, your time, and your equipment. I will combine my sports medicine and personal training credentials to design an exercise program specific to the needs of your body and your goals. I can write workouts for you to do at home, at the gym, or here with me. Enter your info below to schedule a free consultation. You can also sign up for my 4-Week JumpStart program here.


Begin a nutrition journey focused on lifestyle and habits rather than calories and weight. Receive one-on-one coaching and guidance in a nutrition package customized to your level and needs. You will improve your body composition, feel happier, and move with more energy. Enter your info below to schedule a free consultation. You can also sign up for my 10-Week Nutrition Guide here (scroll to bottom).


Muscle Activation Techniques, or MAT, focuses on the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion. MAT is a great tool for kids, teens, parents, and grandparents alike. If you use your muscular system (and if you get out of bed each morning, you use your muscular system), MAT can benefit you. I work with middle school, high school, and college athletes; kids with growing pains, men and women who sit at desks all day, those with manual labor jobs, stay-at-home parents, surgery rehab patients in conjunction with physical therapists, CrossFit athletes, marathon runners, avid skiers, golfers, average exercisers, etc. If you want to move better, regardless of what “movement” means for you – you will absolutely love MAT. Schedule an appointment using this link or read more about MAT here.

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