Post-Holiday Workout

Holidays are wonderful, but there’s nothing like a holiday to mess with your usual workout routine. I’m sure many of you are on the road traveling or with family this weekend. Here’s a quick workout you can do at home to burn off some of yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast! All you need is a set ofContinue reading “Post-Holiday Workout”

How do I keep up with good nutrition during the holidays?

How do I keep up with good nutrition during the holidays? A question we always seem to ask when special occasions or holiday weeks roll around! This can be a tricky question for sure. I will always stand with the opinion that holidays are meant to be enjoyed and if that means eating a fewContinue reading “How do I keep up with good nutrition during the holidays?”

My Plates

I’ve got another visual reference guide to help supplement the 5 Habits discussed earlier this fall. This is a fabulous graphic to print off, stick on your fridge, and use during meal time to help keep track of the 5 Habits. These are the “plates” we used during my Pn1 certification and a tool IContinue reading “My Plates”