My Plates

I’ve got another visual reference guide to help supplement the 5 Habits discussed earlier this fall. This is a fabulous graphic to print off, stick on your fridge, and use during meal time to help keep track of the 5 Habits. These are the “plates” we used during my Pn1 certification and a tool IContinue reading “My Plates”

Homemade Energy Bars

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Thought I’d share this healthy recipe to help combat some of the Halloween sugar-highs. Enjoy all the candy but save it for right after your workouts and use these bars to snack on throughout the day! Ingredients: 1 ¼ c. nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butterContinue reading “Homemade Energy Bars”

Habit 5: Eat Healthy Fats Daily

First things first–have you been practicing the habits you’ve learned thus far? Is there one that’s been harder than the others? Don’t give up! If you started strong and then you’ve let things drop off, choose to pick things back up again. Remember what I said the very first week – when followed these habitsContinue reading “Habit 5: Eat Healthy Fats Daily”