What is Muscle Activation Techniques?

A Tool To Assess Muscle Function

In the words of MAT’s founder: “I don’t care what you can do, I want to know what you can’t do.” Our bodies have a unique way of compensating by restricting motion.  When our nervous system senses muscle weakness, it creates tightness in other or opposing muscles to restrict motion.  MAT is a tool to screen for those compensations.

Restores and Corrects Muscle Function

MAT improves the body’s ability to contract through a series of muscle tests and activations. When the muscles are working optimally, the nervous system decreases the amount of protective mechanisms in place and allow your body to move more efficiently.

Injury Prevention

As joint mechanics improve, the overall amount of stress to the joints and muscles decreases. In addition, as the body moves more efficiently, the muscles are able to tolerate more force. And finally, MAT helps eliminate positions of vulnerability which also helps decrease the likelihood of injury.

Sports Performance

Increased function = increased performance, it’s as simple as that. Your muscles can focus on doing their job rather than their job + the job of whatever muscles aren’t working optimally. Plus, when your muscles are working together, you’re injured less, and able to do what you love better and longer!


Rather than increasing range of motion through stretching, joint mobilizations, or other lengthening techniques, MAT increases range of motion by strengthening the muscles that help pull the body into a certain position. This gives you mobility with stability.

For Everyone

MAT is for kids, teens, parents, and grandparents alike. If you use your muscular system (and if you get out of bed each morning, you use your muscular system), MAT can benefit you. If you want to move better, regardless of what “movement” means for you, this is for you.

A Unique Perspective

MAT looks at the body as an integrated system while still breaking it down into isolated parts and movements because the entire system only works as well as each individual part. The MAT assessment takes out the guesswork and provides an objective tool for finding your weak links. This technique is 100% specific to you.

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